SAILHard Plates are wear safe plates with least confirmed hardness. These plates are needed in different wear safe applications.

Saihard Plate stocked by Vandan Steel & Engg. co. Pvt.Ltd. is produced by the main producers utilizing high review essential material which gives them properties like safety from erosion and high solidness. These saihard plates are utilized for different general development and modern applications. Our plates are emphatically assembled and non-destructive, acclimating to the characterized parameters of the business.

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Accessible Range: Steel Plate- GRADE C45, TISCRAL, Lloyds Las07 & Sailhard Plate"

Application: Liner Plates, Automobile Industries, Pumps, Petrochemicals and Oil & Natural Gas, Conveyer Belts Plates, Dumber Bodies Plates, Loaders

Vandan Steel & Engg. co. Steel & Alloys Pvt.Ltd are putting forth our customer a magnificent quality scope of Sailhard Plate. These Sail Hard Plates are popular in the business. Diverse sizes and outlines are effortlessly accessible in the business. Our Sail Hard Plates are accessible at mechanical driving costs.


Chemical Composition Mechanical Properties HARDNESS-200 BHN (Min)
GRADE C % Max Min % Max P % Max S% Max SI % Ma
SAIL HARD 0.23 1.6 0.050 0.050 0.50
AI0.10 max, Cr 0.65 max, Nb +V+Ti0.15 Max

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